Music Man 810BS CABINET 8X10"

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BACK TO THE FUTURE: Music Man Bass Amps and Cabinets add to the look and classic tone of the original models the
current advanced technology and innovations of Marco De Virgiliis, that put Markbass at the top of the bass amplification
The 810 BS cabinet is the perfect choice to satisfy the needs and desires of bassists who like the look and sound of old
standards, with the benefits of modern standards.
The power and lightness of this cabinet put it in a new league compared to the 8x10" cabinets from the past, which tended to
be very heavy and lacked power. The 810 BS closed cabinet (with no bass ports) features new 10" neodymium speakers
(custom- designed especially for this cabinet) with 1200W of power handling from only 89 lbs!
The 810 BS looks vintage but it offers a wide range of tone from classic '70s to the high-end modern sounds, thanks to the 1"
compression driver with custom horn, which can extend the high-end frequency responce from 6 kHz to 20kHz!
> “A well known face”
The fine bass amps and cabinets manufactured by Music Man in the mid-to late-1970s have earned the trust and respect of
musicians worldwide for their classic tone and impeccable sonic integrity. When we can find “a well known face” behind a brand,
we can also find an unprecedented loyalty and trust from their customers: they know exactly what to expect when they purchase
this product.
> Old-style sealed cabinet, wide range of tone
The closed cabinet design of the 810 BS makes it a great choice if you want a vintage 70s sound; if you want to add a modern
high-end sizzle to your sound, turn on the compression driver with the flick of a switch on the back of the cabinet and extend the
cab frequency responce from 6 kHz to 20kHz!
> Back to the future
The 810 BS respects the seventhy design adding the benefit of new modern standards, with a long term reliability thanks to our
advanced production procedures, state-of the-art testing, quality control facilities and top-quality components.
> Great tone in a lightweight package
In addition to the great tone the 810 BS has an incredible lightweight package for a 8x10" cabinet: only 89.95 lbs / 40.8 kg

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