Celestion TF1230S 350W 8OHM LF FERRITE
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Celestion - TF1230S 300W 8ohm - LF Pressed Steel Chassis Loudspeaker - Ferrite


- 600W continuous power handling and 97dB sensitivity

- Tough 12" ferrite bass/mid loudspeaker with Kevlar loaded cone

- Optimised magnet assembly delivers impressive power to weight ratio

- 3" high temperature edgewound copper clad aluminium voice coil wound on glass fibre former for enhanced reliability

- Double roll surround provides exceptional linearity at extremes of cone excursion

- Robust steel chassis for maximum energy transfer

- Ideal drop in replacement for Mackie SRM450 v3/v3

General Specifications

Nominal diameter: 305mm/12in

Power rating(1): 300Wrms

Continuous power rating(2): 600W

EIA power rating(3): 450W

Nominal impedance: 8ohm

Sensitivity(4): 96dB

Frequency range: 50-4000Hz

Voice coil diameter: 75mm/3in

Chassis type: Pressed Steel

Magnet type: Ferrite

Magnet weight: 1.7kg/60oz

Coil material: Edgewound copper clad aluminium

Former material: Polyimide

Cone material: Kevlar loaded paper

Surround material: Cloth-sealed

Suspension: Single

Xmax(5): 4.5mm/0.18in

Gap depth: 8mm/0.31in

Voice coil winding width: 17mm/0.67in

Small Signal Parameters(6)

D: 0.26m/10.24in

Fs: 58.5Hz

Mms: 49.92g/1.75oz

Qms: 3.154

Qes: 0.492

Qts: 0.426

Re: 5.81ohm

Vas: 59.15lt/2.09ft3

BI: 14.71Tm

Cms: 0.148mm/N

Rms: 5.82kg/s

Le (at 1kHz): 1.05mH

Mounting Information

Overall diameter: 317.5mm/12.5in

Overall depth: 137mm/5.43in

Cut-out diameter: 283mm/11.14in

Mounting slot dimensions: 13 x 6.6mm/0.51 x 0.26in

Number of mounting slots: 8

Mounting PCD range: 299mm/11.77in

Unit weight: 4.3kg/9.5lb


(1)Tested for two hours using a continuous, band-limited pink noise signal as per AES standard. Power calculated on minimum impedance. Loudspeaker tested in free air.

(2)Continuous Power Handling is defined as 3dB greater than the AES rating.

(3)Tested as per the EIA-426-A standard

(4)Measured on axis at 1W, 1m in 2pi anechoic environment.

(5)Xmax derived from: (voice coil winding width-gap depth)/2.

(6)Small signal parameters measured after unit subjected to pre-conditioning signal.

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