Celestion H1-9040P HORN
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H1-9040P HORN

Celestion - H1-9040P Horn


- Lightweight horn flare with 1" throat exit

- Compatible for use with bolt (flange) fitted compression drivers only

- Exponential horn flare with 90° x 40° radiation pattern

- 1.5kHz cut-off frequency

- Hard-wearing reinforced polymer

General Specifications

Horn type: Exponential

Radiation pattern: 90º x 40º

Horn material: Plastic

Baffle cut-out: 165mm/9in x 260mm/14.2in

Driver mounting detail: 2/3 M6 holes on 76/57mm, 3/2.2in PCD

Throat exit: 25.4mm/1in

Height: 199mm/7.8in

Width: 318mm/12.5in

Depth: 208mm/8.2in

Weight: 0.66kg/1.45lb

Compatible Compression Drivers

CDX1-1747, CDX1-1742, CDX1-1745, CDX1-1730, CDX1-1720,

CDX1-1447, CDX1-1445, CDX1-1440, CDX1-1430, CDX1-1425,

CDX1-1415, CDX1-1070

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