Celestion CF1840JD 1000W 8OHM LF FERRITE
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Celestion - CF1840JD 1000W 8ohm - LF Die Cast Chassis Loudspeaker - Ferrite


- 18" ferrite magnet, cast aluminium chassis LF driver delivering 1200Wrms (AES Standard) power handling and 98dB sensitivity

- 4" high temperature, dual layer, Inside/Outside voice coil for higher efficiency, preventing sensitivity loss through thermal compression

- FEA optimized magnet assembly and suspension deliver highly symmetrical cone movement, leading to exceptionally low harmonic distortion

- Vented magnet assembly increases airflow to provide enhanced cooling

- Twin demodulation rings reduce flux modulation, minimizing electromagnetic distortion

- Double suspension and "multi-roll" surround provide exceptional linearity at extremes of cone excursion

General Specifications

Nominal diameter: 457mm/18in

Power rating(1): 1200Wrms

Nominal impedance: 8ohm

Sensitivity(2): 98dB

Frequency range: 30-2500Hz

Voice coil diameter: 100mm/4in

Chassis type: Cast aluminium

Magnet type: Ferrite

Magnet weight: 3.18kg/112oz

Coil material: Round copper

Former material: Glass fibre

Cone material: Kevlar loaded paper

Surround material: Cloth-sealed

Suspension: Double

Gap depth: 10mm/0.39in

Voice coil winding width: 30mm/1.18in

Xmax(3): 10mm/0.39in

Small Signal Parameters

D: 0.38m/14.96in

Fs: 44.2Hz

Mms: 215.15g/7.59oz

Qms: 4.21

Qes: 0.496

Mmd: 185.145g/6.54oz

Qts: 0.444

Re: 5.29ohm

Vas: 113.924

BI: 24.758Tm

Cms: 0.063mm/N

Rms: 13.653kg/s

Le (at 1kHz): 0.96mH

Mounting Information

Overall diameter: 460mm/18.11in

Overall depth: 220.35mm/8.68in

Cut-out diameter: 414mm/16.3in

Mounting slot dimensions: 11mm x 7mm/0.43-0.28in

Number of mounting slots: 8

Mounting PCD range: 441-432mm/17.36-17.01in

Unit weight: 11.6kg/25.5lb


(1)Tested for two hours using a continuous, band-limited pink noise signal as per AES standard. Power calculated on minimum impedance. Loudspeaker tested in free air.

(2)Measured on axis at 1W, 1m in 2pi anechoic environment.

(3)Xmax derived from: (voice coil winding width-gap depth)/2.

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